Halland Museum of Cultural History

Varberg’s major visitor attraction – Halland Museum of Cultural History. The museum is situated at the very top of Varberg Fortress.

Halland Museum of Cultural History is situated at the very top of Varberg Fortress. It is a historical and cultural museum that collects and exhibits documents and objects from Halland, and also arranges markets, exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations and guided tours.


There is always a lot going on at the museum, particularly in the summer when the entire fortress teems with life. When you step in through the historic arch you are met by historic personages. During the summer the dramatised displays allow you to take a journey back in time. It is best to hold an adult’s hand as the guide leads you down the passageways under the fortress to the dark dungeons. Inside the museum there is a costume wardrobe where children can dress up. Young visitors can also try out piloting a fishing boat or operating a forestry machine.

The exhibitions inside the museum are open all year round and the entrance fee includes use of an audio guide. When you have put on your earphones the audio guide directs you around the museum at your own pace in peace and quiet. The guides are available in English and German.
The guided tours are popular and exciting. 

The exhibitions show Varberg’s history from the Ice Age to the present day, and the history of Varberg Fortress is set out around a large model, with lights and sound effects. One section of the museum displays art from Richard Bergh, Karl Nordström and Nils Kreuger, three famous Swedish painters who worked in Varberg during the1890s.

There are two highly renowned objects on display at the museum. The first is the so-called ”kulknappen” (ball button). It is assumed to be the shot that killed the Swedish King Carl XII. The other object is the remains of ”Bocksten’s Man”, one of the most interesting medieval discoveries in the world. The man, who was found in a bog just outside Varberg, is the only bog corpse in Europe with a complete medieval dress. Today a life-size model of him is to be found standing at the centre of the exhibition. His face was recreated from analyses of the remains that were found.

Read more: www.museumhalland.se

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The fortress in Varberg

The fortress in Varberg

Just as Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York has the Statue of Liberty and Stockholm has Globen, Varberg has its fortress.