Fun for the children

Varberg offers something for everybody. Lots of families with children visit Varberg. There is something for everybody here, for young and old, and for those on a budget and those with fat wallets. Why do so many people choose Varberg?

Well, it’s close to everything. Lots of people come here to sunbathe on the fantastic sandy beaches and swim in the shallow sea. They can paddle and play without worrying about it suddenly getting deep. On the other hand, if you want be able to snorkel and dive there are beautiful places with rocks and nook and crannies where you can explore the undersea world.

Enjoy sun and swimming during the day and have a meal in the evening. Then the whole family can have a walk along the sea front, an exciting environment with the sea and the town’s imposing Fortress.

The Fortress is a large and excitingly dramatic building that is a relic of glory days now departed. It houses a museum, exhibitions and guided tours. There is a special section for children where they can try on clothes etc. The dramatised tour for children is a great success. It is led by a guide, but the group is suddenly whisked back in time as people from the past appear. When the trip is over the children have learned about the fortress and what it was like to live here a long time ago.

The countryside is varied and exciting. The right to roam (allemansrätten) means that you have free access to the countryside in Sweden. This is something that we take pride in, and it means that you can take your family on expeditions in the fabulous landscape. Wander in the beech forests and be enchanted by the dazzling green foliage. Eat your packed lunch beside a beautiful lake or a murmuring brook.

During the summer months there is late opening every Thursday evening with events, music, roundabouts and food in the square.

Varberg is a seaside town with the best surfing beaches in the Nordic region, where children can learn to sail and windsurf.

Sidan uppdaterad 7/6/2016