Fishing i Varberg. Freshwater or in the sea.


Fishing in our popular lakes is often an exciting experience. There are lots of stories about the prize pike that got away and every lake has its own story. Tales of the beautiful, tiger-striped perch or about the mystical zander with its large eyes that regard anglers on warm summer evenings. 

Angling in Varberg is characterised by a wide range of fishing options in its lakes as well as in the sea. There are about 146 lakes that are larger than 1 hectare in Varberg. A fishing permit is required for the lakes. Information on where they can be purchased is available in the tourist office. 

Salmon can be caught in the Viskan river, just north of the town. For many anglers hooking a salmon is the ultimate fishing experience. Lots of people suffer from salmon fever! Once you’ve caught a shimmering, aggressive salmon, you’ll be fishing for them for the rest of your life. The supply of salmon is at its peak in cool, rainy summers with a high water level. Times and locations for salmon fishing are restricted and a permit is required. 

Many lakes offer accommodation options, both in privately owned cottages and commercially run facilities. Several locations also offer the possibility of renting boats or canoes. 





Fishing trips vary in length and there are various companies and boats. Everyone is welcome, inveterate anglers as well as inexperienced beginners. Experienced crews on the boats are there to look after you. 

The fishing boats take up to 45 people and during the summer they have fixed departure times. Boats can be chartered for large parties and the operators also assist with other requests such as food and entertainment etc. 

Trips vary in length from 3 to 8 hours. The catch can consist of mackerel, whiting, cod, ling, catfish, flat fish, coley, or spiny dogfish depending on the season. Tackle and equipment can be hired. 

If you feel safer on land then there is excellent coastal fishing around Varberg. The harbours are suitable locations where you can sometimes catch eels and flat fish. The sandy beaches are ideal for flat fish. Sea trout and garfish can be found just about anywhere, but the Rödskär, Subbe, Getterön and Norra Näs peninsulas are recommended for sea trout. For more detailed information and fishing regulations refer to the County Administrative Board’s rules.






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