Bike trails in Varberg

Take a bike ride along the sea or on the countryside with the fabulous beech woods.

In Varberg there are a lot of nice and exciting bike tours. Everything from major cycling routes to smaller roads, small roads along the sea and forest paths. When riding in Varberg you will pass both oceans, lakes, forests, attractions and cozy coffee places.

Few municipalities have as good bike paths as in Varberg! Many of the roads is also suitable for inline skating.

Down south the landscape consists of large open fields. Up north, the landscape and abundance and more hilly. When riding into the country you are greeted with a quiet landscape of open fields and farms at first. After about 15 km you enter the forest, the more hilly areas and many lakes. In several places along the various bicycle tours there are overnight accommodation for those who choose to ride in stages.

Sweden’s first national tourist bicycle route – is a 370-km-long bicycle route in a unique coastal setting. The route runs all the way through Halland, connecting Helsingborg in the south and Gothenburg in the North.

Kattegattleden is divided into 8 stretches, each of which offers interesting destinations, places to stay and eat, bicycles for hire and services. Choose a stretch on the map or from the stretch descriptions at right.
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The Ginstleden Trail follows the coast and the focus is on the sea and the beaches, through fishing villages and past rocky bathing pools. You also pass througn the coastal town of Varberg. The Ginstleden Trail combines with Cykelspåret Väst (Western Cycle Route) and covers 200 km in total. In the tourist office you can get information about such things as accomondation, bike repair workshops and attractions.

In the north the Ginstleden Trail joins up with the Swedish section of the North Sea Cycle Route.This route is more than 6 000 km long and passes through eight countries around the North Sea. In Sweden it goes from Varberg to Svinesund.

Most of the trail takes you through the inland areas of Halland, offering fantastic natural scenery. Forest, meadows and lakes dominate here and you travel mainly along small roads. The Cykelspåret route is 289 km long in total, and takes you through the region of Halland.

The trail runs east from the town of Varberg and follows the old railway embankment. Most dirt road and forest road.

Inside the Tourist Information in Brunnsparken Varberg, you can buy a bike guide to Halland.

You can also buy the Kattegatt map with an information brochure for SEK 150.


Birger Svenssons väg 14, Varberg 
TEL: 0340-611060

Västra Vallgatan 41, Varberg 
TEL: 0340-144 55

CYKELVERKSTADEN No 1 Snidaregatan 6 Snidareg. 6 A
TEL: 0340-143 53


SJ: Bicycles are generally not allowed to bring on board. If you have a folding bike or disassemble your bike and package it well, as a baggage, you can take it with you on board. The same applies to children's bikes.

Öresundståg: On Öresundståg, you may take a regular bike, subject to availability. The bike must always have its own ticket and go for the child price. They recommend to buy one-way ticket for you and your bike in the public transport ticket machine. They apply for a number of hours after purchase, and if you wouldn't fit with your bike on a train, you can hopefully go on the next. If you buy a ticket on so choose Children 7-15 to buy a "bicycle ticket".

Hallandstrafiken: Bicycle can be carried, but is subject to availability. Same cost as a child ticket.

NOTE! City buses do not take bikes.



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