Shopping in Varberg

Enjoy the shopping in Varberg. Here you can find small unique boutiques as well as H&M. 

It is frequently remarked that Varberg’s market square is the best in the West of Sweden. The market traders set out their wares every Wednesday and Saturday. Come along and experience the trade or just enjoy everything that there is to see.

After walking round the square you can have a coffee and perhaps treat yourself to a cake. There are lots of cafés to choose from in the town centre. Find one that you like and allow it to reinvigorate you to continue your shopping trip.

The large chain stores are to be found in the town centre, but above all there are small local shops with their own range and profile. This is where you’ll find what nobody else has.

The local bakeries, food shops and delicatessens offer personal service and create a delightful atmosphere. The food, bread and chocolate taste so much more delicious.

Every Wednesday and Saturday, all year round, the square in Varberg blossoms with a brilliantly coloured selection of goods. There is also a lively café tradition here and there are 10 or so cafés to choose from around the square.

If you’ve planned a day at the beach, you’ve got time for a visit to the market before it gets too hot.

Many people consider Varberg’s market to be the best in Sweden. The crush of people and the traditional atmosphere of the square are proof that this is very much in line with the opinions and responses that we have received.

The market traders set out their wares every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. If you are interested in displaying your products, you can read more about permits etc. under the related links on the right.

Hamnmagasinet is a traditional old building down in the harbour and it is home to the arts and crafts. A creative centre. Depending on the weather, inspiration and desire, the workshops and shops are open long into the evening.

Most shops in the town centre are open until 10 in the evening every Thursday from midsummer until mid- August. Barbecued food, an amusement park and entertainments in the square, a lot of people in the pavement cafés and the opportunity to shop all evening.

Lassabacka is located just north of the town centre. This is where the shops selling bulky- and volume goods have been assembled. All the things that the town centre hasn’t got room for. Construction materials, furniture, white goods, paint and wallpaper, garden furniture and sports goods, cars and spare parts for cars etc. All located around large car parks. If you need something for an excursion, a ball or a water pistol, you’ll find it here too. You’ll quite simply find just about anything.

You’ll find just about everything here. Plenty of parking enables you get close to the shops and makes it easy to load up your purchases. 

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