Booking conditions

These general conditions apply to those who conclude an agreement with Boka Halland Norra (BHN), either directly or via a third party, as detailed on the order confirmation. The agreement may apply to accommodation, transport, purchase of other products and services, or a combination of these.


Responsible organiser

The responsible organiser is Boka Halland Norra / Marknad Varberg AB, Box 150, 432 24 Varberg. Tel: +46 (0)340-86800. Company registration no.: 556422-2312 in cooperation with Falkenbergs Turist AB and Kungsbackas Turistbyråer. As the organisers, we undertake to:

• ensure that you receive the necessary documents

• inform you of any significant changes that affect your booking

• pay the suppliers for the services that you have purchased from them

• ensure that the purchased services agree with their descriptions. We are not liable for any promises that the owner or their contact person may have given you directly without our knowledge and of which we have remained unaware. (If you made an agreement about something not covered by the organiser’s agreement, make sure that you get this in writing and have it signed by the owner or his/her contact person.)

If the products are booked via a dealer, the latter is obliged to ensure that the organiser’s conditions and payment terms are observed.


Your booking is binding for both you and BHN as soon as it has been confirmed verbally or in writing by Marknad Varberg AB, Falkenbergs Turistbyrå or Kungsbackas Turistbyrå, and the booking conditions will apply immediately irrespective of whether you have paid the full sum, part of it or none of it.


Online: If you book online, the total sum is paid directly upon booking and only with a charge or credit card. The page is encrypted (SSL 128 bits), so that you can safely disclose your personal and card details. Call centre/tourist agency: If you book via a call centre or tourist agency, payment is via an invoice. BHN must be in receipt of the total sum within 30 days of the booking date. If you book later than 30 days before your arrival, the entire rental must be paid immediately. Cash payment may be made at Kungsbacka’s, Varberg’s or Falkenberg’s tourist offices. If you fail to pay in time, your booking will be cancelled and you will be charged as detailed below.

Cancellation and changes

You can cancel your booking via the Internet or by calling Marknad Varberg AB on +46 (0)340-86800, Falkenbergs Turistbyrå on +46 (0)346-886100 or Kungsbacka Turistbyrå on +46 (0)300-834595 and giving your booking number. A cancellation will not be accepted if it is sent to someone else or is sent directly to the establishment. A cancellation is valid only after receipt of a confirmation from BHN. In the case of cancellation, a cancellation charge is payable. Note that a change of arrival or departure date counts as a cancellation. You are entitled to change details such as the number of rooms or persons, and will then pay an alteration fee of SEK 50 for each change.

Cancellation insurance

You can protect yourself from cancellation fees by taking out cancellation insurance for SEK 300 per booking. This lets you cancel up to the day before your planned arrival without charge in the event of the following:

a. Death, serious sickness or accident affecting yourself, your spouse/partner, your or their parents, children, siblings or fellow travellers.
b. Call-up to the armed forces or civil defence.
c. A serious incident occurring beyond your control, such as extensive fire damage or flooding to your home that makes it unreasonable to expect you to keep your booking. You must confirm your inability to honour your booking with a certificate from a doctor, public authority or insurance company. Certificates received later than seven days after the cancellation date will be disregarded. The charges for the cancellation insurance, alteration fee plus booking fee will not be reimbursed.

Cancellation insurance can only be concluded at booking. It applies to all persons named in the booking. It applies only when certificates from a doctor, public authority or insurance company are presented. If the customer chooses to use the cancellation insurance, this will apply to all the persons included in the booking. No part reimbursement may be made if the others choose to take the trip anyway.

Cancellation costs (where cancellation insurance was not taken out or does not apply)

Note that the Distance Agreement Law does not apply to accommodation, transport, services, cultural events, sports events or any other similar leisure activity.

-30 days 10% of the booking 

30-15 days 25% of the booking 

14-2 days 50% of the booking 

1-0 days 100% of the booking 

Booking fee

We charge a booking fee of SEK 75 per booking via a call centre or tourist agency, in which case an invoice is sent. No booking fee is charged for Internet bookings. Payment against an invoice may only be made when booking via a call centre or tourist agency.

If something goes wrong

If all or parts of your travel arrangements cannot be provided as specified in the travel documents, and if no alternative arrangements can be made differing only slightly from your booking details so that they are of no significance to you (e.g. a hotel in a corresponding category and location), then you are entitled to cancel your booking. The seller will then reimburse your fee, deducting any parts of the arrangements of which you may already have made use. If a transport service or event that was part of the booking is cancelled at short notice, the reimbursement shall apply only to the cancelled transport service/event. If you have any complaints, you must submit them to us within three days of your arrival day. Any problems that occur during your stay must be reported immediately. This must be done in the first instance to the salesperson/establishment. If you fail to request the problem to be corrected during your stay, and thus do not give the seller/establishment the opportunity to do so, you cannot claim reimbursement afterwards. If you are nevertheless not satisfied with the reimbursement/compensation, you must submit your claim in writing to the salesperson 30 days after your departure at the latest. Any complaints submitted after your departure will not be considered.

Your obligations as a customer (See Special Conditions when booking a private cottage/apartment)

• You are obliged to check the booking confirmation personally as soon as you receive it. If you have not received a confirmation, you must contact BHN via e-mail at or telephone on +46 (0)340-86800. Any incorrect details must be reported immediately. Any undertakings made by the booking staff of major significance for you must be noted in the travel documents in order to be claimed.
• We reserve the right to respond to any changes in laws and prices that are beyond our control.

In the event of disputes

In the first instance, contact us with any complaints. If we cannot come to an agreement, contact the Swedish General Complaints Board (ARN). This comprises an impartial chairperson and representatives of travel agents and consumers. The consumer advisor in your local community can also help you. If possible, any complaints should be made during your stay. If you as a customer present a justified complaint, BHN will take immediate action to find an appropriate solution.

Minimum age for booking

In order to book/conclude an agreement with BHN, you must be at least 25 years of age. Where the accommodation is shared by a larger group, at least two members of the group must be over 25 years of age unless a higher age limit is specified. This will be checked on your arrival. Reaching the required age is a requirement for using the accommodation.

Purchasing conditions for activities

•Purchased tickets cannot be refunded

•Lost tickets cannot be replaced

•Purchased tickets cannot be changed for different ones

Purchasing conditions for event tickets

Purchased tickets for events cannot be refunded.

Force majeure

If the trip cannot take place because of obstacles beyond the organisers’ control that the organiser cannot reasonably have expected to occur when the agreement was concluded and whose consequences could not have been reasonably avoided or overcome, the organiser is not liable for damages or other consequences. The same applies if the trip is cancelled due to someone whom the organiser had hired or who forms an earlier link in the chain.

Personal data law

By making your payment, you agree that your personal data may be handled by the sales staff at Boka Halland Norra. They do this in order to permit routine guest administration, to ensure that Boka Halland is in possession of reliable personal details in the event of an accident, to satisfy the conditions for cancellation protection as well as to administer and deal with any damages. This data may also be used to provide information about insurance and payment services as well as travel-related offers. You may also be contacted for market surveys.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS (apply to bookings of a cottage)

Your obligations as a customer

• You must check the booking confirmation personally as soon as you receive it. If you have not received a confirmation, you must contact BHN via e-mail on or by telephone on +46 (0)340-86800. Any errors must be reported immediately. Any undertakings made by the booking staff of major significance for you must be noted in the travel documents as a reference.

• You must observe the rules, instructions and regulations that apply to the cottage/apartment, means of transport, etc. NB! Rented properties are most often private homes. You are personally responsible for all damage occurring to the property and the inventory due to negligence by you or anyone else in your party. You may not use the cottage/apartment for any purpose other than that arranged in the booking (usually for leisure) and you must not let more persons stay overnight in the cottage/apartment or on the site than you stated when booking. All persons must be stated when booking. Up to two children under two years of age may stay overnight in the cottage/apartment in addition to the stated number of beds.
• If the rental agent receives any complaints about disturbing behaviour, he is entitled to have the tenants vacate the property straightaway if such behaviour is not stopped immediately upon such admonition. The same rules apply if more people are seen on the property than the permitted number. In neither of these cases will reimbursement be made for the remaining rental period, whereas you as a guest are obliged to compensate the rental agent for any costs incurred as a result of the above circumstances.
• If you have any complaints regarding the accommodation, you must in the first instance contact the agent so that any unclear points can be settled during your stay.
• When booking, you must state if you suffer from any type of allergy so that we as agents can find suitable accommodation for you. NB! It will be stated in the description of the accommodation if pets or smoking are prohibited. We cannot guarantee that there have not been any pets/smoking on the property a short while before you arrive there.
• You must clean the property before your departure unless some other arrangements have been made. If you fail to do so, extra costs will be debited from your account.
• Any lost keys will be replaced.
• We reserve the right to respond to any changes in laws and prices that are beyond our control.

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