Grimeton world heritage

The transmitter station at Grimeton was taken into operation in 1924. It was built for wireless telegraph to America. The six 127 meter high masts are still there.

The Grimeton radio station (callsign SAQ) was commissioned in 1924. It was built for wireless telegraphy using techniques developed by the Swedish-American Ernst Alexanderson.

In 1920 the Swedish government decided that the Telegraph Autorities should build a radio station. Alexanderson equipment was chosen. The transmitting stations was buildt at Grimeton, east of the town of Varberg, where the agricultural countryside near to the coast would give the radio waves free passage to the sea and onwards across the Atlantic.


Ernst Alexanderson (1878-1975) was a swedish radio pioneer and after graduating från university, he emigrated to the United States and became an inventor, designer, and senior engineer with General Electric (GE).

Today, SAQ is unique with its "Alternator", muliple tuned antenna, and the only radio station of its kind saved from the days before high power radio valves were developed. The Grimeton Radio Station was declared a National Heritage in 1996 and was incorporated in the UNESCO World Heritage List on July 2nd 2004.


At the visitor center you will find an exhibition, a café and a shop. Alex Laboratory - an electronic workshop for all - is open during summer. A walkway tells the history of the station during the 1920´s. You can see the two kilometre long row of six antenna towers 127 metres high. 

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