The Summer town

Varberg blooms during the summer months, filling up with happy and eager tourists.

Varberg is located right on the sea. The fresh, salty sea offers superb swimming, either from the long sandy beaches or from rocky outcrops.

In Varberg you can experience the sea with all your senses. Gorge on fresh fish and shellfish for dinner, enjoy long swims and walks, watch the sun setting from a cliff and replenish the air in your lungs with the salty sea breeze.

Summer nights in Varberg are light, and full of possibilities and exciting encounters. Choose between dancing at a nightclub in town or sitting outside one of the many restaurants enjoying food and drink. Throughout the summer the town pulsates with a packed programme of concerts, shows and entertainment events. The site where concerts are held at the fortress is one of the most beautiful in the country, framed by the high walls of the fortress and the blue waters of the Kattegatt.

In the summer you can enjoy live music and take a drink on the porch.
On weekday evenings in July concerts are held on the outdoor stage in the park of Societén. The concerts are free and the music varies from jazz, ballads and chamber music to rock and pop.

Every Thursday evening the shops are open until nine. The Square is crowded and full of life. Music and artist are palying at the square during the evening.

Sidan uppdaterad 7/3/2014