The beautiful Hamnmagasinet building, located at Hamnplan in the centre of Varberg, is a creative centre for art and crafts.

Dating from 1874, today Hamnmagasinet is a creative centre for art and crafts. Besides an art gallery, the building also houses a ceramics workshop, a glassworks, a silversmith and a graphics workshop.

Hamnmagasinet was built in 1874 and is a historic building from the period when exports of oats to England were the basis for Halland’s prosperity. The building was restored in the early 1990s and today it is a gallery for crafts and contemporary art.

The art gallery is located on the third floor of Hamnmagasinet. Exhibitions of the best and most up-to-date contemporary art are held here all year round. Everything from painting, video and photography to sculpture and conceptual installations. Seminars, workshops for children and young people as well as public discussions about art are also part of its activities.

In the glassworks you can see skilful glass-blowers shaping the glowing melted glass with steady hands into shimmeringly elegant wine glasses, brightly coloured candlesticks, funny egg cups, traditional shot glasses etc. Everything is individually designed and the work is carried out free hand.

Lovely art in glass. The glass artist works with the design but all her productions have a function. A perfect shop for gifts and presents. You can also see her making the glass. Quite something!


Silver in all forms and shapes.

The world seems to be made for potters. Earth, water and fire are the prerequisites for this work, which has been part of human life from time immemorial. In his combined shop and workshop Ingvar Bengtsson manufactures objects to be used in everyday life.

Sidan uppdaterad 5/11/2012