The Bathhouse

The sea takes on a very special shimmering quality when seen through the large windows in the sauna.

The current bathhouse was completed in 1903 and was used by bathers both summer and winter. The bathhouse had a men’s and a ladies’ side with two saunas each.


Kallbadhuset med utsikt över Kattegatt

People began bathing in the sea in Varberg in the 1820s. At that time the bathhouse consisted of a floating pool with a bottom made of wooden slats. Similar new pools were constructed during the 1840s and 1850s. 

In 1852 steamships started to navigate along the Swedish west coast. This connection produced a massive increase in the desire to travel to Varberg and the town’s authorities realised that in the face of this pressure

Ta ett dopp på Kallbadhusetthe seaside resort needed to be improved. It wasn’t until 1864 when the Badortsbolaget company was set up that a Bathhouse was constructed.

The bathhouse was destroyed by a storm 20 years later and Varberg’s second bathhouse was erected. It was completed in 1886, but this one didn’t last long either. It fell victim to the so-called "Christmas storm" of 1902, the worst storm to hit the West Coast in living memory.

Varberg’s third bathhouse was built as a copy of the former one in 1903. It is still standing, and the building has been meticulously refurbished from old photographs and drawings.

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