The fortress in Varberg

Just as Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York has the Statue of Liberty and Stockholm has Globen, Varberg has its fortress.

 It is a majestic building, a familiar landmark and a monument to the town’s long and dramatic history.

Countless kings, queens, generals and noblemen have visited or stayed at the castle at the very top of the fortress. It has also been home and workplace to soldiers, prisoners and servants.

In the 17th century the medieval castle on the cliffs by the North Sea was expanded into one of Northern Europe’s strongest fortresses. Some 1,000 farm labourers were employed every day during the 30 years that it took to construct what were then modern defences!

During the 18th century the fortress was maintained by the Swedish army, and when it no longer needed the building at the start of the next century, there were plans to blow the whole thing up. As luck would have it the proposal was rejected. In the 20th century the fortress was transformed into a public attraction and the premises were taken over by a museum, restaurants etc.

The view from the fortress out over the salty depths of the Cattegat is stunningly beautiful. The walk along the ramparts at the top of the fortress also offers a magnificent view of the town and the coast, both north and south. Inside the walls is a youth hostel, the county museum, a blacksmith's workshop, a café and restaurants.

Halland Museum of Cultural History is located in the oldest parts of the castle, and it has exhibitions about the fortress’ history, the kulknappen (”ball button”), art from the ”Varberg School”, Halland’s cultural history and last but not least, Bocksten’s Man. 

The fortress’ beautiful ceremonial areas and premises are popular for a variety of festivities. Weddings, balls, student parties or birthday parties become unforgettable memories in the special environment. During the summer months both residents of Varberg and tourists gather in and around the fortress where there is room for everyone to find their favourite spot for an evening picnic at sunset. Afterwards you can go to the beach or the nudist beach just below the fortress to have a swim in the sea.

Sidan uppdaterad 12/14/2015