The town

The town of Varberg is regarded as one of the best summer towns in Sweden. Its unique location, with the seaside at walking distance from the town centre, contributes to its popularity. The open, uninterrupted horizon gives Varberg its unique conditions and has inspired generations of artists and photographers. 

The town centre is characterised by the cobbled streets and the market square. There is a market in the square every Wednesday and Saturday all year round and it produces a very pleasant atmosphere. Shopping and mingling

in the square is a must for both tourists and residents of Varberg. Most of the shops in Varberg are also concentrated in the blocks around the square. Unique small shops, large chain stores, cafés and pubs intermingle in a nice mix. 

THE SQUAREThe square offers candy, fruit, clothes and a lot of other things. You name it. You find cosy sho

ps and cafe´s along the streets. 

If you walk down to the sea from the town centre you first encounter Societetsparken. In the past high society carried on in the beautiful white building, now it and the park have become anentertainments area. During the summer there are nightclubs, bars and restaurants here, along with numerous concerts. 

Further down by the sea is Kallbadhuset, a grand bathhouse built in 1903. If you carry on for a few more metres you will see the majestic Varberg Fortress, construction of which started in the 13th century. Up in the fortress there are restaurants, a youth hostel and a museum to visit. 
The sea front runs from north to south along the coastal strip and it is a very popular place to walk. If you follow it for about two kilometres you arrive at another of our town’s major attractions, Comwell Varbergs Kurort.

The sea is just a few minutes walk from the town centre. The old fortress is a part of the skyline in Varberg. 

We feel that all of these factors together are the reason that so many people choose to visit Varberg. It is simply a very nice place in which to spend a holiday. 

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The Summer town

The Summer town

Varberg blooms during the summer months, filling up with happy and eager tourists.