About Varberg

Varberg is a small municipality in the province of Halland. Despite its size, the municipality is full of fantastic countryside, all at a comfortable distance. The roads to the forest-clad uplands in the eastern part of the municipality are perfect for travel by bicycle or motorbike, or at a slow pace with a car.

Halland is divided in two by an invisible boundary that runs through Varberg . It is a geographic boundary and it is clearly visible on the sea coast. The type of coast that dominates in the north, with rocks and islands, changes in Varberg into the southern coastal form with its gently curving coastline fringed by pastureland and sandy beaches. Somewhere in Varberg there is also a cultural boundary. Central European culture reaches all the way up here via Denmark and South Sweden, while above Varberg you encounter cultural manifestations emanating from Norway and North Sweden. These differences are discernible in features such as dialect or building techniques. 

Inland the countryside is mixed, with arable land, enclosed pasture, deciduous forest and planted coniferous forest. The forest has a balanced flora and fauna with a rich animal life. There is an abundance of small game, as well as elk, roe deer, lynx and wolf. The countryside is full of lakes, watercourses, meadows, pastures and ancient ruins. The lakes are rich in species and fishing is permitted in most lakes with a licence. You can also rent boats or canoes in several places. 

The best way to experience the countryside is on foot as you can take in the smells and have a break whenever and wherever you want. Halland has a 380 km long-distance footpath called the Hallandsleden. The path is accessed via public transport and it follows small paths and roads and at some points unspoilt countryside. There are rest areas and places to spend the night along the route. There are also cycle paths, ski tracks and the chance to experience it on horseback. 

Area 874 km2 
Inhabitants 57,000 
Number of lakes 146 

Sidan uppdaterad 4/14/2015