Barkens Fiskevårdsområde - Fishing

The fishing area consists of Barken, Hakasjön, Barkhultaån and Levreshölj. In Barken one mostly fish for pike and perch. In Levreshölj: pike, perch, tench and roach. In Barkhultaån one is only allowed to fish in the area from Barken to Levreshölj. Hakasjön is connected with Barken through a little channel. Fishing permits are sold by an automat at the lake Barken and by Urban Johansson 070-53 910 60, Benny Larsson 0340-913 48 and Lennart 0340-913 01.


Site, place and opening times

Barkens Fiskevårdsområde Ullared, Varberg
1 January 2015 - 31 December 2016 Mon - Sun


Barkens Fiskevårdsområde - Fishing


Barkens Fiskevårdsområde


Mob.070-53 910 60


The area is located 25 km east of Varberg. Drive road 153 from the town centre towards Ullared. Take left at the sign Källsjö and after 8 km you will se Barken. To get to Levreshölj drive towards Ullared a few km and you will se the lake. Hakasjön is reached via Skammerhult on the way to Nösslinge.