Björkasjöns fiskevårdsområde - Fishing

The fishing permit is valid for Björkasjö, Mjällsjö and Rammsjö. Fish caught here are pike, perch, roach, eel and rudd. Large perches, up to 2 kg, are said to have been caught in Björkasjö, which in places is over 35 m in depth. The lakes are easily accessible and there are many places where one can fish from land. Pishing permits are sold at the Tourist Agency, by Stellan Johansson 0346-23313, Köinge Radio & TV 0346-23112 und Vandrarhemmet Bråtadal 0346-233 43.


Site, place and opening times

Björkasjöns Fiskevårdsområde Ullared, Varberg
1 January 2015 - 31 December 2016 Mon - Sun


Fishing Lisence
1 day 50 SEK
Seasoncard 300 SEK Årskort


Björkasjöns fiskevårdsområde - Fishing




Telephone 0346-233 17


The area is located 25 km east of Varberg. Drive north from the town centre, road 153 to Värnamo. Take right at the sign Obbhult and take the gravelled road towards Svartrå. Take right at the sign for Bråtadal and drive straight ahead until you come to a bathing-place called Björkasjö. To get to Mjällsjö drive towards Svartrå and then onto Åkulla. To get to Rammsjö drive to Svartrå, Åkulla and then on to Ästad.